Jefferson Mack working at the Mack Metal forge


Jefferson Mack combines traditional blacksmith techniques with modern forms and technology to produce distinct pieces of functional art. Jefferson calls these timeless items "Antiques From the Future". Each element is heated to temperatures in excess of 2600 degrees and formed by hand. Pliable when glowing hot, the metal is shaped into graceful, flowing forms. In a world of high technology, there is a distinct place for organic forms and hand-wrought metal design elements. 

Jefferson has been a master blacksmith for over 25 years. His work can be found in hundreds of homes and corporate interiors all over the US and even in Hong Kong. 

"I am very interested in a collaborative design process with clients, as well as responding to existing architecture. I want my work to look like it could have been part of the original designer's vision. My favorite part of the design process is when we are surprised with an unexpected result that enhances the project perfectly!"

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